architect & theoristana vignjević
The aim of this paper is to perceive the problem of Housing, throughout the comparing platform between the modern and neo-modern architectural discourse. Previus functionalist slogan `the house is machine for living` is not anymore productive because it begins by presupposing the idea of the house. The functionality of contemporary eletronic age, as opposed to the functionality of the modern period, is concerned with variability, fluidity and action. A form that follows action, no longer function, means that form and function are no longer in relation. Acoording to this essential shift, inhabitating architecture, as the most sensitive and receptive locus, absorbs the transformation of the global environment much more than any other. New housing should be understood as versatitlity and suggestive fantasy of leisure, rather than predictability of space, conceived only as mere social need or appearence. It is a matter of being able to, at any moment, create an inner environment provided with services necessary to a specific demand. In sum, housing should be understood as a miniature of the surrounding, a programmed landscape of desire.
Sanja Simonović, Ana Čarapić.  International Scientific Conference Regional Development, Spatial Planning and Strategic Management, Belgrade, 2009, pp. 101-111.