architect & theoristana vignjević
The phenomenon of transparency we can understand today as a matter of programing different appearences of architecture. Liberated from the social ideology ballast, transparency is now achieved as an sensual field, rather then as communicated message. Therefore, contemporary architecture is distinguished by specific paradox which refers to the level of thinning material. As the material has a lower degree of thinness, the envelope of the building develops an appetite for a greater degree of different contents: more spectacle, more sensuality, more intelligence. Alongside the glass, nowadays there is a number of new materials which are capable to produce the effect of transparency. Relieving of traditional heavy materials and, on the contrary, thickening of glass, offers a new level of programming appearences of architectural form. In this way, transparency can be seen as an quantitative attribute, which is achieved by the inversion of archetypal perception of materials using. In such revealing game material pretends to deny what it has to show, at the same time as pretending to show what it denies.
FORUM 55, SAS DAB Magazine Belgrade, 2010, p.78