architect & theoristana vignjević
Ana Vignjević (born Čarapić, 1977 Belgrade) received the Master of Science in Architecture and Urbanism in 2009 from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture and graduated from the same school in 2003. From 2010 she held a position of an assistent proffesor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade at the courses `Introduction to Architectural Design` and `Interior Design 1`. At the same faculty, during the period 2007-2010 she has been working as teaching assistant at the course `Digital drawing` and the `Interior design 2, 3`. During the years 2001-2006 she has been involved in education at the Department of Architectural and Urban Design, University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, at the course `Studio Design Project 1, 2, 3`. Parallel with the academic track she has been working as the project architect and the researcher at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of Serbia (2003-2006). She has been practicing architecture as an project arhitect in two privite architectural offices – ATD (2008) and Tangenta (2007).
She is interested in immaterial and metaphorical narratives in architecture.
Curently she lives in Paris with her husband Jovan and their daughter Djurdja, writting her PhD thesis as well as working as an freelance architect.