architect & theoristana vignjević
The goal of this text is to identify the relationship between contemporary architecture and landscape, not through the outer mimicric analogy, but throughout the hidden aspects of the methodological procedures. Concept of landscape is taken as a position beyond the architecture, in order to investigate those potentials, which are capable to overcome the functional, formal and material appearance of architecture. Manifesting through the field of its own (external) antipode, architecture overcomes itself, vibrating constantly between artificial and naturalized, between absence and presence, between shape and trace, becoming finally an anti-object.
On the other hand, architectural changing of landscape, in physical and symbolic sense, tranforms the character of place, its essential connotation, genius loci. Place becomes imaginary, dematerialized, converted into drawing, construction, an artificial space. Rather than a binary of interior and exterior, this conception observes the landscape not as the surrounding of the building, but as the impossibility of its enclosure. Simultaneosly, inner architectural space could be seen as an extension of the external environment, its diminished reflection, abstraction, private geography.
Sanja Simonović, Ana Čarapić. PhIDAC 2010, International Symposium for students of doctoral studies in the fields of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Protection, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, 2010, pp.35-42.